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I was so pumped that Hannah and Tyler were up for driving all the way from South Dakota for their engagement session. That was one very long day for you guys! We all had so much fun with you. Nolan says his new best friend is Tyler and Gemma got to watch Hannah get her make up done in our living room. She was loving every minute of that.

We wanted to head to a location for their photos that was truly canadian, so off to Birds Hill Park we went. So much beauty and variety in that park, plus the rain ended just as we arrived. Perfect timing.

I am so very thankful that I got to see you guys and take these special photos for you. I can’t wait to drive down to photograph your big day in February. Hannah, you are going to be a drop dead gorgeous bride.

Tyler, Dave really liked you before…and now that he knows you love Vietnamese….he likes you even more. So great getting to know you a bit.

Here is a little sneak peak of your session.



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Crystal called me last week and wanted to book a session to celebrate the love between her boys and their grandma. These boys have such a unique relationship to their grandma because they live on the same property. Every day when Marcus heads to school, Grandma calls out from the door, “Have a great day at school today!” How many grandkids get to have that before they head on the bus each day? Crystal was sharing with me that every day when he gets home he pops in to see Grandma for a few minutes first before he comes home.  These are such precious memories. How lucky that he gets to experience this and know Grandma so closely. I loved the idea to have some photos to celebrate their sweet relationship.

May we take the time to stop and breath, to look around and to fully enjoy the people that are in front of us and around us every day. Today is a gift, enjoy the present.

Grandparents are jewels. So happy to see you all embracing and celebrating yours!


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I have so many manitoba clients I am going to miss and Brian and Becky are one of them. I enjoy my drive out to Lundar in the summers to see you guys. I will definitely try my best to keep doing that so I can come see you all and your beautiful home. Or perhaps we can meet in the middle when you are on your way to your Ontario family!

I have to admit, I have a bit of swing envy. I absolutely love your big wooden swing with the round thick rope. It’s straight out of a fairy tale. As well as the rest of your property. Thanks for having me come out again!


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I am so over joyed that this bundle has arrived and that she came in with such grace and beauty. She is a perfect gift for your family and I am so very happy that you got your girl. She is beyond precious and there is just something so sweet and delicate about a little girl. She has totally captured all your hearts and is so blessed to be raised in such an incredible family. Laura, I have enjoyed our playdates this last year so much. You are a treasure and I appreciate your vulnerability and strength. Your sweet daughter has an amazing role model to learn from.

Here is a sneak peak of your girl.


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Every time we see this family we leave wanting to do life better. You guys really know how to live. 6 kids and that does not stop you…you embrace every moment. You love on purpose in everything you do and it’s beautiful to watch. You enjoy the journey, whether it’s driving 30 plus hours in a van to go on vacation, heading back to school, starting a little hobby farm, hosting families for dinner, coaching baseball or just teaching your children how to love…you do it well. Thank you for inspiring us as a family and for always welcoming us with open arms. Joy is so evident in your home and you are doing an incredible job at raising your family.


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  • June 13, 2017 - 6:36 pm

    Amanda - Nah ahaha I love these sooo much!!!! My favourite is little Cameron and her gun!!

  • June 30, 2017 - 2:36 pm

    Jodi - haha! Josh’s idea. Totally her!