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I am loving white and green right now! So fresh and spring looking. When I was thinking about mini sessions, I contacted Mel from Freshcut Downtown to see if she would like to work with me. She was pumped about the ideas of floral crowns and pops of greens. This past Saturday we met with some beautiful faces and everything came together beautifully.

Thank you to the lovely people that came out for our mini sessions. I had so much fun working with each of you and watching your children enjoy the room, tricycle and fresh greenery!

If you love this look and would love to have your children photographed in this setting, drop me a line at and maybe we will set another date for spring!


If you need some fresh flowers, Mel from Freshcut Downtown does an awesome job and is so wonderful to work with!


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When you first started planning your wedding I’m sure you were not thinking plus temperatures, slush and puddles! What an incredible day! I loved the simplicity of your day…. close family and friends, all in one location and your children as your wedding party. St. Charles Country Club was the perfect location for your day. It was so lovely working with you two! Thank you for having me join you on your special day. It was so lovely to see you and your family again Marny. They are always so friendly and welcoming! You were a gorgeous bride my dear.

I wish you two all the best! Here is a little sneak peak of your day.


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To think that the time has come for my sweet niece to be getting married is so crazy. It seems like just yesterday that she was the little flower girl at my wedding and now I got to go dress shopping with her! She invited Gemma and I to come along and we were so stoked to be apart of finding the right dress for her! Gemma was in her glory with all the mirrors and pretty dresses. Thank you for inviting us Becs. That was so special!

Planning a wedding is a lot of work but a lot of fun! All the things you’ve dreamed about having on your wedding day you finally get to do. It’s your day. Do what you want! You’ll have tons of people giving you ideas and input (including me and my bazillion Pinterest texts) but in the end you get to choose what you LOVE! Most importantly you are planning a marriage and that is more work then anything else!

I could write a novel of advice but I just want to encourage you and Ben to always put the other first. There is no room for selfishness in marriage. Be vulnerable with each other and enjoy the process of learning to love. Learn from others and seek help when needed.

We are so pumped to have you around more Ben and to get to know you better! You are more then welcome in our home anytime. You guys did great for your first official photo shoot!

much love.


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There are always so many great people that I want to chat and catch up with at these sessions. Time never allows for a real catch up…so we give a quick neck hug and a little ‘hows the family?’ and then keep shooting! There are some amazing people on this staff. I’ve met a few through the incredible Shine the Light trips. If you have never been on a humanitarian trip, this one ROCKS. Brent and Wendy lead a team to the Dominican Republic three times a year to help those less fortunate. Check out their website here and then SIGN UP!!!

Now back to Shine Dental. I’m not too sure what has happened to my teeth, but after my three babies I all of a sudden got a bazillion cavities. So I have recently had numerous trips to visit the lovely crew there. They are always so cheerful, helpful and GENTLE. I highly recommend using them as your dentist!

PINPINPINPINa little visitor jumped in for a quick photo!PINPINPINPINeven Charly made it into the ‘family’ photo!PINPINPIN


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First off, lets give a big shout out to our moms!!! What would we do without our moms? Since I’ve had kids I have appreciated my mom more then ever before. She comes and she works her little tail off loving on her grandkids, doing laundry, cleaning, cooking, organizing and on and on and on. She is my breath of fresh air! When I walked into Naomi’s home, her mom was the super hero of the week! Naomi came down with a brutal cold and her mom came in to help her so she could rest up and try to beat the cold before passing it on to little L. THANK YOU MOMS! Thank you for knowing what is needed before being asked.

Naomi and Cody, it was so nice to see you two again and get to meet your adorable babe. He was such a champ for his first photo shoot. I love your cute little home and all the adorable little nooks where the light came in! I hope sleep comes in longer stretches for you soon.

Here is your cutie.


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  • November 23, 2016 - 3:13 am

    Constance - Lovely pictures.